Real Deal When You Have A Lot of Facebook Likes

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Facebook is considerably the leading social networking platform that marketers can use to advertise and promote their products. Statistics shows that more than 75 % of adults around the world use Facebook to socialise and even seek info about certain products online. Teenagers and youths also use Facebook for the same purpose, though are more active than adults and seniors. With Facebook having the highest number of active users in the world, it makes the perfect platform for anyone to promote his/her brand.

Although Facebook may be receiving billions of users in traffic every day, certain strategies have to be implemented to tap traffic and improve online visibility. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to improve visibility and awareness via Facebook.

1. Optimise your Facebook page info: With Facebook already bloated with personalised and business profiles, choosing a unique username and account to attract traffic can be intimidating. With your brand already unique in its own way, you can use it to create a recognisable and unique username that will be easy for followers and Facebook users to remember easily. The public profile picture and timeline photo also needs to be unique and eye-catching as well. Once done with these, you can then start advertising and promoting the page as well.

2. Allow users to share your content with others: Facebook implemented a feature that allows users to share a user’s post with others through tagging. Although most people disable this feature in their personal profiles, it would be advisable to allow users to share your brand’s content, however they like online. When one user shares your content, it automatically becomes visible to all the ‘friends’’ friends, hence increasing visibility.

3. Invite people to like your page: The more likes you can get on Facebook, the higher your page’s visibility will be online. Although most people may be duped to buy Facebook likes to boost their online presence, it would be advisable to reach out to your friends, acquaintances, current customers and partners to like the page. When these individuals like the page, it will be visible to hundreds other users, thus growing the base. If you have any blogs, remember to add a call to action feature, as well as Facebook plugins in the same to attract more audiences to like the page. See how Facebook can be your best place to introduce your business online.

4. Post engaging content in your timeline: One of the best ways to promote your brand via Facebook is by posting informative and captivating posts on your timeline. Facebook rewards pages that are active and receive constant comments, shares, and likes by making it visible to many other Facebook users. The only way to receive such actions (likes and shares) is by posting engaging posts, and responding to user questions and recommendations.

5. Play with Facebook Ads: Although a paid feature, Facebook ads increase product/brand awareness all across Facebook. The best thing about paid ads on Facebook is that there’s ready audience to be targeted – all you need is use the targeting feature to reach out to potential clients and customers. This feature can also be used on a specified geographic area especially for localised products and services. Spending a few dollars to promote your content online is worth the risk and also helps attract higher returns on investment.

6. Leverage influencers: Although publishing killer content does help attract traffic; leveraging influencers can help promote visibility and awareness online. Although building your own audience is a great strategy, it takes time to get the numbers – using already established businesses and pages to promote your page is one of the best ways to grow these numbers.
These are just a few tips that can help you promote and get your brand known through Facebook. As long as the Facebook page remains active, you should be able to record new improvements and brand visibility online.



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